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Top Eight Myths About Crypto-Currency.

It is believed that as of September 2017 at least 80% of all Americans have heard of bitcoin. Unfortunately, a lot of myths have been circulating on bitcoin and other crypto-currencies so here are the top eight myths to consider. Crypto-currency Is A New Phenomenon – FALSE. Bitcoin which is the world’s most popular crypto-currency […]

The Federal Government Has Bitcoin To Sell To You!

U.S. marshals in recent months having confiscated over 2,000 bitcoin in conjunction with federal prosecutions has announced the sale of this bitcoin to commence March 19th. Feds Don’t Mine – They Confiscate. When the Federal Government shuts down any illegal operation including cannabis enterprises (which despite State law legalizing cannabis, it is still illegal under […]

Beware If You Are Getting Divorced And Have Crypto-currency.

The anonymous nature of crypto-currencies creates the possibility for individuals to accumulate wealth that is concealed from tax agencies, creditors and spouses. With all the discussion about the progress IRS is making to get information on crypto-currency transactions and parties to those transactions, query how soon this will be commonplace and routine for divorce attorneys […]

Could This Be The Next Best Thing To What Swiss Accounts Were In The 20th Century? Paradise-Destination Marshall Islands To Issue National Crypto-currency

Given the stealth nature of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies where there is no third party reporting to tax agencies, this could be the 21st century answer to where to hide your money.  With a population of just under 60,000 you would not think residents of the Marshall Islands need their own crypto-currency but that is […]

Austria Looking To Follow The U.S. In Tracking Crypto-currency

Just like what happened that people could no longer keep their Swiss bank accounts a secret, international pressure is building to impose regulations on bitcoin and other crypto-currency to be transparent thus forcing taxpayers to report these transactions and pay taxes. Could Investments In Crypto-currency Loose Their Tax Haven Status? The IRS and many foreign […]